The Other Ear

Leaders in Custom Industrial and Recreational Hearing Protection
Whatever the requirement, The Other Ear has the ability to get the job done.


Recreational Protection

"Sunglasses for your ears"

The Other Ear product line brings together high performance filter technology with the latest in universal and custom earpieces to provide protection that is both comfortable and discreet. Our hearing protection devices are professionally tuned to reduce noise exposure yet maintain quality across the sound frequency spectrum. Custom hearing protection is ideal for listening to live music, sporting events, air travel, movies, and other recreational activities with noise levels that can cause permanent damage.


Industrial Protection

The Other Ear also offers a wide range of products that are the perfect solution for any industrial and professional hearing protection need. Situational awareness is a key component of an effective noise reduction solution. Workers must be able to understand speech as well as detect audible warnings from equipment or facilities. Over protection can be JUST AS DANGEROUS as being under protected.

Hunting Protection

Digital hearing protection is the most advanced way to prevent hearing loss from firearms while also enhancing ambient sounds for increased awareness. The Other Ear combines digital protection with comfortable long-term wear, perfect for shooters of all disciplines.

Hear easy. Let your ears convince you.

At The Other Ear we will design a custom fitted demomstration pair just for you.
Your earpieces will be made especially for the shape of your ears and tuned to your specific hearing protection needs.
The Other Ear will change the way you hear the world around you!